Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Use A Carpet Rake

The carpet rake, also known as a carpet groomer, is a valuable carpet cleaning tool. When a carpet is wet, it brings the nap up for even drying. Professional carpet cleaners use rakes as wide as 18 inches to agitate carpets prior to cleaning as well as to work-in fabric protector and anti-static treatment chemicals during post cleaning wrap-up. Home owners favor the 12- inch-wide models. They fit easily in pantries and are less cumbersome to use. According to Groom Industries Inc., a Salt Lake City manufacturer of carpet rakes, raking a carpet prior will loosen embedded dirt for a more efficient cleaning, while post vacuum raking gives carpets that "like new" look.

Using the Carpet Rake
Step 1.Prior to vacuuming, use an up and down (or push/pull) motion to open the carpet fibers.This will loosen debris trapped in the carpet.
Step 2.Vacuum as usual.
Step 3.After vacuuming, groom the carpet.
Step 4.For post vacuum grooming there are two options: push the pile in the same direction for a uniform look OR use the push/pull method to give the carpet a two- tone, just vacuumed look.

Tips and warning
Carpet rakes can be used to freshen a carpet with out vacuuming. Area rug fringe can be straightened with a carpet rake. Carpet rakes are for plush, cut pile carpets. Do not use a carpet rake on a Berber or woven carpet as it may " pull" the fibers.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Clean Your Carpet Like Professional in 6 Easy Steps

To clean your carpets you need some kind of hot water extraction machine and you need a pump up sprayer. You'll also need a clean push broom and a little carpet spotter. Oh, and you'll need a cleaning agent. The truth is an neutral detergent will work. Okay, here's how you go about it. Mix the chemical as described into the pump up sprayer. Using this mist the carpet. It's okay to put a little more into any spots that are visible.

Now, you want want to make the carpet feel damp to the touch. It can't dry out too soon or be too wet. You want to find the happy medium. After you've gotten your carpet like that, it's time for the secret step. Now is when you need to take that clean push broom and brush all of your carpet. Yes, it seems silly. It's not. This is the agitation that makes the cleaning process work so well.

Most commercial carpet cleaners won't do this step. So, by you doing it, you are cleaning your carpets better than even if you had paid someone to do it for you. Now you extract the carpet with the machine. Do two to four strokes with the water trigger held down.

Then do an equal number of dry strokes to suck the water out of the carpet. Do this over the whole area. However, when you come to a spot, you need to slow way down as you extract over it. If it does not come out like this, then you need to stop and get a little brush and some spotter. Gently work on it and then extract over it again. Some spots will not come out and you need to understand this.

After this is all done you have extracted you carpets. If you are felling really fancy, you can get what is called a carpet rake and rake your carpet. It looks nice until someone walks on it and it goes away. For that reason alone, I think it's a waste of your time. We used to do it for clients just as a finishing touch, but it's completely unnecessary. Your carpet should be dry within about 12 hours. If you live in a dry climate then it will be even quicker.

The thing is, if you had a professional outfit come in there and start doing this with a truck mount system, your carpet would be wet for at least 24 hours because it shoots so much water into the rug. Jake has been a webmaster for over 1 year now. Please feel free to check out his newest site about where to buy coconut oil and cold pressed coconut oil . There you will find helpful information on why so many people are seeking this oil now. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? expert=Jake_Weiss

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carpet Rake Cleaner

The Carpet Rake enables you to spread your carpet treatment evenly and deeply into your carpet or area rug to reach the most allergens possible. The carpet treatment powder needs to get into the carpet fibers to reach the dust mite allergen, pet allergen, and any other allergens that may have settled into the carpet. Using this specially designed rake makes it easy to apply Acarosan and X-Mite powdered carpet treatments. The rake has a 3-part 54" handle. It is 12" wide and 2" deep, so it makes quick work of just about any carpet.

Tips use a Carpet Raket

Carpet Rake Brings the Fluff Back to Your Floor

If vacuuming isn't bringing the spring back to your carpet any more, then perhaps a carpet rake can help.
No, this tool isn't for raking up children's toys, discarded clothing, and other scattered clutter; it exists solely to bring the "new" back to your carpet. Use one of these rakes before you vacuum, and the tines will lift matted carpet fibers and loosen embedded soil. You can also use it after vacuuming to give your carpets that "just installed" look.
A carpet rake is ideally suited to carpets in high traffic areas, but can be used anywhere in the house.

Specially designed Carpet Rake


Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New
Specially designed Carpet Rake raises carpet nap, ground-in dirt, and pet hair for more effective vacuuming of your wall to wall carpet and area rugs. Carpet Rake successfully revives older, matted carpet to look new. Use Carpet Rake after cleaning and shampooing to speed drying time. Carpet Rake head with flexible nylon teeth, measures 12" wide; handle is 54"long.
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